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Constructing cities since 1951

“MA Creation Habitat”

company is an active platform with architectural core. The firm is not just about architectural projects but also design in other contexts.

Most of MA’s activities are held within 3 categories of architecture, design & research.

The firm concerns more than just architecture; in this platform it is being tried to use crowd wisdom to offer solutions for a subject of design. It has been trying to develop contemporary and innovative approaches based on logic and scientific facts.

Above aesthetic and technical issues; the most outstanding approach of this platform is to use technological possibilities (computer fabrication methods) to industrialize & optimize architectural and product design in form of worldwide services and customer customization.

This is to bring design to everywhere with minimum energy and effort and use that energy to develop this movement.

Our aim in this organization is to dream, study, research, design, dare, create and share the results of this crowd activity as open source files and data. This approach is to reduce and prevent the consequences of client-designer-producer communication. “MA” struggles to create a movement in order to help everyone, everywhere using high quality designs directly and helping back by developing it via design proposals and innovative suggestions. This will speed up design language and quality of projects while engaging creative & skilled people. The aim is to celebrate the design itself more than the cast & crew! Therefore; MA is functioning under the name of madeinma.ir; meaning made by us. Regarding to that, we invite everyone to trust us with their work to develop the quality-intelligence of the designed products/projects with the ability of prototyping either virtual or actual

Principles of Our Work

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Some of our work done all over the world.

Arch(k)inetic 2017

Shopping center in Istanbul

Pet House 01

Shopping center in Istanbul

Arak Shohada Square

Shopping center in Istanbul

Auto Khosravani [Premium]

Shopping center in Istanbul

Foodland 2019

Shopping center in Istanbul

Chess(Ring) 2019

Shopping center in Istanbul

Gorgan Innovation Centre (Dep 2)

Shopping center in Istanbul

Pet Houses

Shopping center in Istanbul


What we do and where are we good at.


Architectural Design

Above all else architecture is our prophecy! The main core of our recourses are people with architectural background. We mainly focus on innovative and creative solutions for architecture. Context, Climate, Culture , Aesthetics and Space are our main concerns.


Industrial Design

Our design department has introduced many avantgarde proposals to the world. Re-thinking of human priorities and ergonomic approaches has lead MA to come up with amazing solutions by the help of technological possibilities. MA’s most famous line of industrial design is the series of pet houses which are designed to be made by rapid prototyping tools …


Interior Design

Due to our interest & background we have been honored to be one of the best practices to offer interior design service. Due to this fact most of our projects has happened to be successful and prize winning interior designs.


Research & Development

As a young team MA has been engaged with research activities and as a result so many ideas has been introduced through these investigations. Most of these experiments has been held within our projects or architectural competitions. These developments has been very productive and resulted beautiful master pieces in forms of Pavilions, objects & scientific papers.


Parametric Design

We offer professional parametric designs service, since we have the most talented and creative scripters in our team. Our reputation and glories in this field has been launched internationally.


Fabrication & Production

This is our slogan and our pride. We happily announce that we design avantgarde yet constructible. We strongly duel over this; it doesn’t only mean our designs are easy to construct by our details, but also it means we will come up with design solutions. Our research background, keeps us updated about material sciences and Innovative technics.


Courses & Workshops

Courses has been held upon our experiments and skills within parametric design and digital Fabrication. Most of these courses has been held within universities or private institutes with the aim of crowd sourcing. These workshops has been very productive and resulted beautiful master pieces in forms of Pavilions, objects & scientific papers.


Construction & Development

Apart from consultancy and projects supervision MA is honored to develop limited edition buildings internationally. This investments are held within MA’s design team and to take part in development of Architectural approaches. The main aim of this movement is to use our knowledge and skill to create better habitats for humankind.

We know how to build great projects.

Builders oversee, coordinate and work on the construction or repair of homes and other buildings. Builders usually work outdoors in industrial conditions as part of a construction team.


Latest news related to construction and engineering.

Our team

Board of directors, experts of construction and engineering.


Majid kashikazempour

Project Manager

Project Manager


Hadise Rafiee

Architect & Designer
Architect & Designer

Arefeh Goodarzi

Architectural Designer
Architectural Designer

Arezoo Heidari

Architect & Project Manager
Architect & Project Manager

Partners and Clients

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Worldwide experience

Present in more than 20 countries worldwide, our main focus is construction and renewable energy, our subsidiaries are on:

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