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The logo of this organization; is a figure derived from the diagram of home (gable roof) which includes shelter. This form has been chosen based on the core creators of this firm which have been architects in advance. Considering the name of the firm (MA) and the target community of this creed; the gable roof graphic has been extended to an algorithmic pattern in a way to both emerge MA (international & borderless structure) through its geometries and the universality & publicity of the movement’s approach. This geometrical pattern is derived from the geometry of a diagonal square grid and very similar to Moqurnas divisions offers the meaning of movement and growth dependent to unity and solidarity. The active chore of this pattern is the MA Creation Habitat platform and infinitely credits every idea/concept/design and person individually in sense of its public interest.

All of these subjects are because “MA” believes in growth and development is achieved only through unity of “client-designer-fabricator-user”.