ArCouture Pavilion (Arch-Triumph)

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Milan Fashion Pavilion [ArCouture]
Fashion and architecture both embrace human; fashion in smaller scale and architecture in a larger scale. They Both follow certain limitations related to human proportions and ergonomics. There is a softness in fashion which helps the couture to be more flexible than architecture. If only architecture could be the same responsive, it would be more Human friendly. Imagining an interactive piece of architecture in the middle of this world class fashion capital; the concept of this pavilion was emerged.
What if when a wall is passed by and it get turned on to both reflect this movement and react to it! Human usually welcome the chance of being surprised and communicate. This functional pavilion is a piece of synthetic creature which use technological possibilities to analyze environmental distance data (approaching-leaving objects) and response to it by moving it squama’s! A lacy-tracy metaphoric piece of architecture as flexible as fabric with a trendy gradient outlook. How it behaves looks like the Merilyn Monroe skirt effect in architecture; playful and memorable
From Arch of Peace to Sforza Castle there is a sweet moment of contextual twist beneath the Sempione Park! This critical attitude could be softened by a relaxed transition in-between these landmarks. Respecting both; a linear pavilion could be proposed in a way to organize a connection while addressing both and the surrounding fashion events. Therefore; the direction between these two objectives has been regarded as the project axis while emphasizing on the linear pedestrian’s circulation in the park.