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A contemporary-luxury jewellery store. Considering gold as a lux product, then it comes the security and presentation above all …
This store is aiming to sell both gold base jewellery and diamond base jewellery. An ultra light environment has been created with the help of architectural elements. A clear costumer-retailer zoning and well-fit furniture has been created to arrange the space in favour. A persian geometrical pattern has wrapped all inside the store with the combination of warm grey leather and velvet.
Considering gold as a luxury object it needs to be presented in a posh manner. Therefore ; user-experience has been taken care of in advance with all means of material/shapes/environment and space.
The portable stands has followed an arc shape in terms of ergonomy to let clients get close enough to vitrines and have a better observation.
This is why the vitrines/lighting/arrangements has been designed modular with certain dimensions to be multi functional.