Patternitecture [2]

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This tool has been developed through analysis of sound form characteristics;
An algorithm has been established based on sound wave unconventional presets.
All of these experiments are struggling to investigate events on metaphysical basis! For instance; what would happen if sound had appearances! What would happen if the Earth would not rotate and this rotation have not had affected all the natural phenomena. Maybe; the un-rotated sound would not have sounded like it does! Maybe; if sound was the only rotational element and all the other things were stable it would have other characteristics. Maybe what we see is only illusion , which is rooted in our limitations and natural surrounding phenomena. Their reality differs!
This is a conceptual kinetic form of music, conversation or any kind of sound in a rotational world, that sound has different characteristics in it.
In this process sound is being collected from environmental sensors and analyzed in periods which length 1.5 seconds and converts to motion.
This kinetic-responsive Installation contains reels, motors, controllers and processors and struggles to illustrate a choreography of sound frequencies.
“This time it appears as if; sound, itself, has gone out of control!”