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“New solutions”MA is happy to announce; our first line of product is pet houses and their prototype files are ready to enter the market! This series has been designed with the aim to develop environmental friendly beauty with recycle-able or recycled materials …Pets are becoming more popular with emerging lifestyles, therefore; solutions should be taken care of regardingly. Rapid prototyping and file sharing is also a possibility of contemporary lifestyle and human development. Considering design to be tectonical , user experience is highly appreciated. This manual is gathered by in terms of a movement to increase human awareness of design and beauty and environmental awareness with means of today technologies and materiality. This platform is inviting every individual and team to be a part of this and add to its values with their own credit and ideas … The aim is to de-bug files and projects with crowd wisdom and user experience as much as possible. This is what has developed other fields of science ; a step by step procedure to idealize cognitive science!

MA & Parametricism

The logo of this organization; is a figure derived from the diagram of home (gable roof) which includes shelter. This form has been chosen based on the core creators of this firm which have been architects in advance. Considering the name of the firm (MA) and the target community of this creed; the gable roof graphic has been extended to an algorithmic pattern in a way to both emerge MA (international & borderless structure) through its geometries and the universality & publicity of the movement’s approach. This geometrical pattern is derived from the geometry of a diagonal square grid and very similar to Moqurnas divisions offers the meaning of movement and growth dependent to unity and solidarity. The active chore of this pattern is the MA Creation Habitat platform and infinitely credits every idea/concept/design and person individually in sense of its public interest. All of these subjects are because “MA” believes in growth and development is achieved only through unity of “client-designer-fabricator-user”.

Dolcè Vita Villa

An avantgarde villa in in the heart of the city in a fully surrounded piece of 7*20 meters land. This contemporary habitat offers a sliding mezzanine to transform the space from homey-mood to party-mood! As you enter the sitting room, the arrangement of the spaces fades from public to semi private and private spaces. The sliding mezzanine helps the space look more spacious in the entry by opening up a good void just over the sitting area. It can be moved over the kitchen (position A) for this purpose and berth next to the stairs; where it can convert to a TV room in the upstairs with the help of the wardrobe wall composition! It can also slide over the sitting room (Position B) and make the kitchen more pleasant during the homey-time ; this is while the mezzanine has converted from a TV room to a home office featuring a large library! To drag more natural light and ventilation in favour of the space; a linear interior garden has been placed along the villa with an open air access over the top. This both offers a better view for each space and a good amount of sustainability in urban architecture ...


"Spiral image simplified radial panel" A piece of art as special Paravan.


Considering now and the near future of transport, after "Uber"s and before "Hyperloop"s, there is a sweet moment of small scale transport systems; a trend of eco-electro-customizable vehicles which is quite appreciated! Apps like "Lime", "Bird", "Baunce" & ... are sponsoring this idea with the help of electro-bikes and scooters. Xiaomi , Segway, BMW & ... are now investing on production of personalized public transporters. The idea of eco-sharing and eco-production is the main reason to develop these transportation systems. The main advantage of these scooters, is pollution and traffic reduction hence speeding up transportation. In addition to the above said; Scooty scooter is electrically controlled and fully adjustable to urban life style! This device uses the User smartphone as the main controller core with personalized data. (That means every individual can use his/her smart phone to customize cruise controller, distance smart brakes, weight of the carriee , light , app visualization , navigation & ... ) Yet sharing no personal information with the next user. This scooter can be used both public and personally. Therefore; a set of add on features are let to be designed, 3d printed and added to the device (open-source) to let every user with certain needs be happy with its personalized platform. The motion system is being designed to use both in-wheel (optimized) and normal electro motors with gearbox (higher power). The main body has a casted aluminium structure and the side flaps. These side flaps and the deck can also be customized with free source files, materials, colours and designs. The front wheel is thinner but bigger in diameter to increase the handling and the back wheel is thicker but smaller to increase the power and balance. The honeycomb tires increase the suspension & flexibility while eliminating the need of springs. The body form is subordinated from the caster angle, therefore; the structure is very stable even in case of critical forces. The handlebar has been replaced with an electric command-grip which allows a 60 degrees rotation angle of the wheel. This is done with a joy-stick grip placed on the fixed handle-grip. All the other grips can be removed/added or repositioned for comfort or further adjustments.


Culture, Dignity, and techniques are the identifying principles of architecture and urbanism in different nations. While current Iranian architecture and urban environment identity are suffering from various inconveniences, Infiloolion is an effort toward reinterpreting dignity of Iranian architecture using digital design and fabrication techniques to develop a new method of representing Iranian Muqarnas art. In this method, Muqarnas is not only dependent on being allocated on the corners but also it can be populated then return to its starting state. Muqarnas in Infiloolion begins and ends in a double curved loop inside a hypothetical cube. circle and square are symbols of human perfection and logic in the Jungian school of thought, similar to their holy and metaphysical perception in iconology of Islamic art. Infiloolion is a contemporary interpretation of Persian Muqarnas art. Translating the traditional Iranian dome structure to a new form of waffle loop has resulted in a fluid integration of translucency. During the initial inquiries for Soore faculty of architecture & urban Planning symbol, many demands have been raised. A social interaction space, resting area, translucency, centralization and identified space have been the most outstanding criteria for this figure (installation). Initially, each of these indexes has been interpreted as spatial elements. Accordingly, a waffle structure has been chosen as the primary component to achieve the pre-sets. Creating a fluid form considering the esthetics to transform Muqarnas art to a contemporary geometry, is in demand of symmetrical visual effects. Therefore, optimizing the form, the algorithm has followed the same attitude. Introducing an abstract form of Muqarnas geometrical string while concentrating on unification, form optimization matrix variable settings, has been not only set in a way to transform spatial elements to one another by a loop (Ceiling to wall and wall to floor…) but also has developed a new attitude toward Muqarnas carved structure, according to a rhythmic unification. Complex geometrical shapes as in Mobius strip or Klein bottle has been derived from loop principles. Therefore, the repeating loop properties have empowered the waffle transition rhythm. The loop itself is framing social behavior inside or outside the pavilion. The 14-day process of studies, form finding, design and fabrication of Infiloolion had been simplified by (CAD- CAM) and digital fabrication techniques. Using iron sheets with computed thicknesses (processed and analyzed in grasshopper plugin) for all the structural and nonstructural members of the pavilion has induced a good level of appearance perception.