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Karbala foodland project is a unique multi brand foodhall in the heart of Iraq. This complex offers a variety of spaces to it's costumers … A very initial argument in this project is the culture and the climate versus the subject! These two elements and the nature of foodhall suggest a dynamic space with high privacy structure and appropriate for this warm and dry climate!In the exterior a shader design with engineered arrangement for natural ventilation could be found in this region traditional architecture … A bright colour both increase the eye attraction and decrease the heat absorption …

Auto-Khosravani [Premium]

Keeping a design language along khosravani Auto gallery branches while adding a gentlemen lounge salt to the environment makes this big toy-shops more elegant yet playful!Cars & speed has been known to be old school toys for big boys/girls. The clean industrial garage atmosphere and showcase of these trendy rides has been also an additional outlook for these premium lounges!A mixture of industrial and luxurious elements means a lot to a space like this … Its more about the feeling & atmosphere in this level than the business … Its all about the names & histories !!!

Khoob bakht Gallery

A contemporary-luxury jewellery store. Considering gold as a lux product, then it comes the security and presentation above all …This store is aiming to sell both gold base jewellery and diamond base jewellery. An ultra light environment has been created with the help of architectural elements. A clear costumer-retailer zoning and well-fit furniture has been created to arrange the space in favour. A persian geometrical pattern has wrapped all inside the store with the combination of warm grey leather and velvet.Considering gold as a luxury object it needs to be presented in a posh manner. Therefore ; user-experience has been taken care of in advance with all means of material/shapes/environment and space.The portable stands has followed an arc shape in terms of ergonomy to let clients get close enough to vitrines and have a better observation.This is why the vitrines/lighting/arrangements has been designed modular with certain dimensions to be multi functional.

Building NO 99%

99% building is "in-completed"!The manifest of this building is to share the joy of design with its user. This is to create a flexible space and respect user interface.Architectural elements of this project are either interactive or left untouched in the roughest status for the user to decide what they should look like.This multi-function habitat is an interactive platform which shares it character with its users!As an open-source platform which can be arranged adaptive for better function, this piece of architecture has a continues developable user friendly design. A manual book of arrangements is enclosed with the building to help the user decide better…The exterior works as an parametric natural painting in both facades. A natural algorithm of bookmatched stone has enclosed the building as an envelope. The stone frames can be opened/closed mechanically to control light , heat , sight and the building "character" !This is the largest natural bookmatch facade ever so far on planet earth.