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It is written: 《Are you talented enough to have this seat in SAHAB? Get in and Apply》"SAHAB Booth in Sharif Job Fair"A logical booth/pavilion design is a great establishment of it's fair characteristics.SAHAB is a contemporary first class IT company dealing with big amount of raw data and handing out a good deal of precious information… They have their own geek culture therefore this design challenges every individual to be a part of them meanwhile the job fair.

CC Festival (Urban Furniture)

2 out of 5 finalist projects was our hit in @ccfestival.zibasazi .These Urban furniture are created with 2 completely different manifests.One literally has more landmark-ish characteristics and the other design is more practical.Based on the cultural context of the site the formal is developed through optimization of Farsi letters calligraphy with all the elegance & choreography. The practical design is a casted module which can organize different spaces simply by alternative arrangements. This multi function concrete/metal module is customizable by means of different accessories & tools added to its joint slot.