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Auto-Khosravani [Premium]

Keeping a design language along khosravani Auto gallery branches while adding a gentlemen lounge salt to the environment makes this big toy-shops more elegant yet playful!Cars & speed has been known to be old school toys for big boys/girls. The clean industrial garage atmosphere and showcase of these trendy rides has been also an additional outlook for these premium lounges!A mixture of industrial and luxurious elements means a lot to a space like this … Its more about the feeling & atmosphere in this level than the business … Its all about the names & histories !!!

“Chai khane” (Tea Room)

"Chai khane" (tea room) ; A fresh attitude toward Persian tessellations also known as Islamic geometric tiling. This is basically a mixed-morphology of Japanese origami and Persian tessellation. Using cad-cam technologies to create the contemporary look of luxury. All the spatial elements have been developed with an aggregated pattern in linear and radial transitions.