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Khoob bakht Gallery

A contemporary-luxury jewellery store. Considering gold as a lux product, then it comes the security and presentation above all …This store is aiming to sell both gold base jewellery and diamond base jewellery. An ultra light environment has been created with the help of architectural elements. A clear costumer-retailer zoning and well-fit furniture has been created to arrange the space in favour. A persian geometrical pattern has wrapped all inside the store with the combination of warm grey leather and velvet.Considering gold as a luxury object it needs to be presented in a posh manner. Therefore ; user-experience has been taken care of in advance with all means of material/shapes/environment and space.The portable stands has followed an arc shape in terms of ergonomy to let clients get close enough to vitrines and have a better observation.This is why the vitrines/lighting/arrangements has been designed modular with certain dimensions to be multi functional.

Dolce Vita Villa

An avantgarde villa in in the heart of the city in a fully surrounded piece of 7*20 meters land. This contemporary habitat offers a sliding mezzanine to transform the space from homey-mood to party-mood! As you enter the sitting room, the arrangement of the spaces fades from public to semi private and private spaces. The sliding mezzanine helps the space look more spacious in the entry by opening up a good void just over the sitting area. It can be moved over the kitchen (position A) for this purpose and berth next to the stairs; where it can convert to a TV room in the upstairs with the help of the wardrobe wall composition! It can also slide over the sitting room (Position B) and make the kitchen more pleasant during the homey-time ; this is while the mezzanine has converted from a TV room to a home office featuring a large library!To drag more natural light and ventilation in favour of the space; a linear interior garden has been placed along the villa with an open air access over the top. This both offers a better view for each space and a good amount of sustainability in urban architecture …

Hotel Residance

Winner of Hotel Residence renovation design competition.This complex was meant to host Royal and VIP guests in Tehran during their long stays. It is an honor to give the past concept a fresh look of contemporary design. There are 12 different suite types based on guest numbers and their grade of value!

T+ (Restaurant & Lounge)

A Food lounge in 2 stories and a wide range of offers, both in dishes and space-wise!A neat and bright design attitude has taken the lead of this elegant yet contemporary space.The space is meant to be memorable and offers every set of people enough privacy due to contextual background of fine-dining spaces.The restaurant is mainly divided into 3 leveled zones; the Main Hall, the Balcony and the Terrace.Each of these divisions has arranged the foodhall in a way to deliver different experiences.All over the void and the terrace 2 continues parametric chandeliers arr hanged as sculptural installations.A variety of metallic & velvet furniture has been applied next to wooden and tarnish in the mood board of the space for more exuberance. A warm pallet of glossy yellow and matte royal-green has re-touched every element in the space in a harmonic manner.