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ArCouture Pavilion (Arch-Triumph)

Milan Fashion Pavilion [ArCouture]Fashion and architecture both embrace human; fashion in smaller scale and architecture in a larger scale. They Both follow certain limitations related to human proportions and ergonomics. There is a softness in fashion which helps the couture to be more flexible than architecture. If only architecture could be the same responsive, it would be more Human friendly. Imagining an interactive piece of architecture in the middle of this world class fashion capital; the concept of this pavilion was emerged.What if when a wall is passed by and it get turned on to both reflect this movement and react to it! Human usually welcome the chance of being surprised and communicate. This functional pavilion is a piece of synthetic creature which use technological possibilities to analyze environmental distance data (approaching-leaving objects) and response to it by moving it squama’s! A lacy-tracy metaphoric piece of architecture as flexible as fabric with a trendy gradient outlook. How it behaves looks like the Merilyn Monroe skirt effect in architecture; playful and memorableFrom Arch of Peace to Sforza Castle there is a sweet moment of contextual twist beneath the Sempione Park! This critical attitude could be softened by a relaxed transition in-between these landmarks. Respecting both; a linear pavilion could be proposed in a way to organize a connection while addressing both and the surrounding fashion events. Therefore; the direction between these two objectives has been regarded as the project axis while emphasizing on the linear pedestrian’s circulation in the park.

T+ (Restaurant & Lounge)

A Food lounge in 2 stories and a wide range of offers, both in dishes and space-wise!A neat and bright design attitude has taken the lead of this elegant yet contemporary space.The space is meant to be memorable and offers every set of people enough privacy due to contextual background of fine-dining spaces.The restaurant is mainly divided into 3 leveled zones; the Main Hall, the Balcony and the Terrace.Each of these divisions has arranged the foodhall in a way to deliver different experiences.All over the void and the terrace 2 continues parametric chandeliers arr hanged as sculptural installations.A variety of metallic & velvet furniture has been applied next to wooden and tarnish in the mood board of the space for more exuberance. A warm pallet of glossy yellow and matte royal-green has re-touched every element in the space in a harmonic manner.

Building NO 99%

99% building is "in-completed"!The manifest of this building is to share the joy of design with its user. This is to create a flexible space and respect user interface.Architectural elements of this project are either interactive or left untouched in the roughest status for the user to decide what they should look like.This multi-function habitat is an interactive platform which shares it character with its users!As an open-source platform which can be arranged adaptive for better function, this piece of architecture has a continues developable user friendly design. A manual book of arrangements is enclosed with the building to help the user decide better…The exterior works as an parametric natural painting in both facades. A natural algorithm of bookmatched stone has enclosed the building as an envelope. The stone frames can be opened/closed mechanically to control light , heat , sight and the building "character" !This is the largest natural bookmatch facade ever so far on planet earth.


Considering now and the near future of transport, after "Uber"s and before "Hyperloop"s, there is a sweet moment of small scale transport systems; a trend of eco-electro-customizable vehicles which is quite appreciated! Apps like "Lime", "Bird", "Baunce" & … are sponsoring this idea with the help of electro-bikes and scooters. Xiaomi , Segway, BMW & … are now investing on production of personalized public transporters. The idea of eco-sharing and eco-production is the main reason to develop these transportation systems.The main advantage of these scooters, is pollution and traffic reduction hence speeding up transportation.In addition to the above said; Scooty scooter is electrically controlled and fully adjustable to urban life style!This device uses the User smartphone as the main controller core with personalized data. (That means every individual can use his/her smart phone to customize cruise controller, distance smart brakes, weight of the carriee , light , app visualization , navigation & … )Yet sharing no personal information with the next user.This scooter can be used both public and personally. Therefore; a set of add on features are let to be designed, 3d printed and added to the device (open-source) to let every user with certain needs be happy with its personalized platform.The motion system is being designed to use both in-wheel (optimized) and normal electro motors with gearbox (higher power).The main body has a casted aluminum structure and the side flaps. These side flaps and the deck can also be customized with free source files, materials, colors and designs.The front wheel is thinner but bigger in diameter to increase the handling and the back wheel is thicker but smaller to increase the power and balance. The honeycomb tires increase the suspension & flexibility while eliminating the need of springs.The body form is subordinated from the caster angle, therefore; the structure is very stable even in case of critical forces.The handlebar has been replaced with an electric command-grip which allows a 60 degrees rotation angle of the wheel. This is done with a joy-stick grip placed on the fixed handle-grip.All the other grips can be removed/added or repositioned for comfort or further adjustments.