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Sound shapeThis project has been conducted through a series of research based on form finding through sound wave analysis.A set of chess has been developed through this experiments based on their sound waves in English pronunciation.This whole research is trying to investigate on other areas of metaphisycal events. For instance what would happen if sound had physical appearances! What would happen if Earth was not rotating and the rotation would not have affected all the phenamena! "Maybe what we see is only an illusion because of our limitations and natural phenomena!"This is a conceptual mock of chess nuts sound wave with physical characteristics in a rotational planet … شکل صوتاین پروژه در مسیر تحقیقاتی روی آنالیز ماهیت فرمی صوت شکل گرفته.یک ست مهره های شطرنج در مسیر این تجربه بر اساس شکل موج صدایشان در زبان انگلیسی بوجود آمده اند.کل این تحقیقات سعی دارد تا وقایعی را در زمینه های ورای ماده بررسی کند. برای مثال چه اتفاقی می افتاد اگر صوت مشخصات ظاهری داشت! چه اتفاقی می افتاد اگر زمین نمی چرخید و این چرخ روی تمام پدیده ها تاثیر نمی گذاشت.شاید چیز هایی که ما می بینیم فقط تصوری هستند که از محدودیت ها و پدیده های طبیعی اطراف ما نشات گرفته اند.این یک فرم مفهومی از شکل صدای مهره های شطرنج در دنیایی چرخان است که در آن صدا ماهیت فیزیکی دارد!


Karbala foodland project is a unique multi brand foodhall in the heart of Iraq. This complex offers a variety of spaces to it's costumers … A very initial argument in this project is the culture and the climate versus the subject! These two elements and the nature of foodhall suggest a dynamic space with high privacy structure and appropriate for this warm and dry climate!In the exterior a shader design with engineered arrangement for natural ventilation could be found in this region traditional architecture … A bright colour both increase the eye attraction and decrease the heat absorption …

Auto-Khosravani [Premium]

Keeping a design language along khosravani Auto gallery branches while adding a gentlemen lounge salt to the environment makes this big toy-shops more elegant yet playful!Cars & speed has been known to be old school toys for big boys/girls. The clean industrial garage atmosphere and showcase of these trendy rides has been also an additional outlook for these premium lounges!A mixture of industrial and luxurious elements means a lot to a space like this … Its more about the feeling & atmosphere in this level than the business … Its all about the names & histories !!!

Arak Shohada Square

Mirage : "A square design , with urban impression!"Studying the context ; lead us to a solid statement regarding what the city need and what people need : "Greenery"Based on preserved trees location along the pathway and the present square a geometrical magnetic field attraction was activated ; temporary resting nodes have been formed accordingly and regarding human motion along the site an agent based system was activated in the field to form the shade zones over most picked routes. The monument is a piece of peaceful space, which is emerged in form of a mirage like effect in the heart of the city.Team : Firouz Firouz / Ali Zolfaghari / Bahar Kamali / Ali Abbasi / Maryam Masoudi

Pet House

"New solutions" by @madeinma.irMA is happy to announce; our first line of product is pet houses and their prototype files are ready to create them! This series has been designed with the aim to develop environmental friendly beauty with recycle-able or recycled materials …Pets are becoming more popular with emerging lifestyles, therefore; solutions should be taken care of regardingly. Rapid prototyping and file sharing is also a possibility of contemporary lifestyle and human development. Considering design to be tectonical , user experience is highly appreciated. This manual is gathered by in terms of a movement to increase human awareness of design and beauty and environmental awareness with means of today technologies and materiality. This platform is inviting every individual and team to be a part of this and add to its values with their own credit and ideas … The aim is to de-bug files and projects with crowd wisdom and user experience as much as possible. This is what has developed other fields of science ; a step by step procedure to idealize cognitive science! Some of these prototypes has been once produced and debugged ; the files are based on our experience and economic solutions with available facilities and they can be more personalized. "We take no responsibility regarding these files and strongly advise you to re-check before use". In addition to that we ask your kind assistance by joining MA culture and inform us about any problems regarding files and manual.A variety of techniques and materials has been included to be accessible.Laser cutters , CNC milling machines and industrial press brakes , 3D printers are commonly used in RP systems. Please use and share this with or tag so everyone can keep in touch with us and update us about its status. "These are made on earth by humans"


Introduction Energy efficiency and sustainability are of fast growing importance in contemporary architecture, consequently the demand for adaptive building envelopes is increasing. Until now kinetic and adaptive building systems are mostly utilised by rigid components or flexible membranes, guided along straight translation axis or rotational movements – resulting in geometrical constraints. The high mechanical complexity and as a consequence thereof high demand of maintenance as well as the tendency to complex building geometries in contemporary architectural design make it valid to investigate compliant mechanisms as alternative solutions of adaptive building systems. Compliant mechanisms achieve their flexibility by controlled elastic deformation of flexible members. In contrast to conventional rigid body mechanisms they consist of only one part with locally defined stiffness. These mechanisms can transfer motion, force or energy upon deformation of the flexible parts. The main advantage of compliant mechanisms is the reduction of parts, resulting in an economical potential due to simplified manufacturing and assembly. Furthermore, wear can be reduced and other than in classical joints there is no need for lubrication and maintenance (Howell 2013). Compliant systems for architectural applications have been realised with projects such as the Thematic Pavilion at the EXPO 2012 in South Korea (SOMA Architects with Kinppers Helbig Advanced Engineering), as well as the Flectofin®  (Schleicher et al. 2015) and Felctofold (Körner et al. 2016) façade shading devices, developed at ITKE University of Stuttgart, which was inspired by the opening mechanism of the Strelitzia Reginae and Aldrovanda. The mentioned examples make use of the elasticity of the used materials - mainly fibre reinforces polymers (frp) - in combination with geometrical articulation to adapt their shape through elastic deformation to distinct functional demands, without mechanical hinges or the geometrical constraints of linear translation axis. Arch(k)inetic The two week’s workshop ARCH(K)INETIC 2016 investigated pneumatically actuated compliant mechanisms for adaptive kinetic building envelopes in combination with strategies for structural performative surface tessellations and adaptation of contextual ornaments.  The workshop took place from 3rd to 18th September 2016. After 3 days investigating different strategies in small groups, one approach was chosen for further development and construction of a prototype during an intense 10 days design and construction workshop by all students and tutors together. The workshop included a series of software tutorials and lectures integrated into a research based design and construction project. The workshop was open for students of fields of design, architecture, scenography, and engineering. Component…


ComStruct was a two-week workshop on computational structures as form generators which took place in summer of 2015 and aimed to explore the material behavior, directionality of elements, as well as understanding structural potentiality of complex geometries. During the workshop period hosted by the Contemporary Architects Association in Tehran, Iran, the workshop team consisting of 5 tutors and 25 participants utilized the algorithmic design and analysis potentials of Rhino, Grasshopper and Karamba, as well as fabrication techniques existing in industrial zone of Tehran, the capital of Iran, to design and construct a one to one scale canopy. The venue at the Contemporary Architects Association is located in a converted 30-years-old residential house, with an unused and empty swimming pool in the front yard. The task of the workshop was to design and fabricate a self-supporting/self-stable canopy covering the 4x10m pool, converting it into a vivid exhibition and public area. To this end, the parametric FEM program Karamba was used as the main tool to aid design development, from form-finding stage to optimizing structural shell and elements. After a few days of experiments and studies on structural elements such as truss and shell structures via physical models and above mentioned software the starting pistol of final product’s form-finding was fired. The goal of the form-finding process was to come up with an optimal shape taking into account boundary conditions of the site (the pool) and the use of material. A multi-objective optimization was performed using Octopus.e, where parameters for use of material was combined with stress analysis calculated with Karmba engine. This resulted in a form of non-trivial nature, a concave shell cantilevered along its length, however still highly optimized concerning downwards loading. After breeding an optimized shell structure, the surface was discretized into a folded pattern to increase the stiffness by creating inertia, while rationalizing the form in terms of fabrication. Among a bunch of rationalization techniques, triangulation was selected due to adaptability with the selected material (Aluminum sheet) and metal laser cutting approach and by converting the double-curved canopy into a grid of planar surfaces. For coming up with the most efficient pattern a couple of different patterns were tested program and comparing the structural performance of these folded patterns through Karmaba program resulted in an optimized folding methodology. After this tessellation phase, introduction of multiple load cases took into account to simulate the structural behavior from snow and…


This project is shaped at the intersection of technology as a new method of construction and the collective memory of the habitats of the region regarding the architecture!Therefore; this course focused on constructing a symbolic object , which embodies technology and it's advancements then creates interest as the result. On the other hand it signals and connect to people collective memory so it is both accepted and appreciated by their culture and beliefs.In terms of form and shape; this canopy can create spaces on its boundaries which were formed by the conversion of a surface.Horizontal surface which is arising from the floor is holding the object in place just like the root and trunk of a tree, converts to vertical (based on static optimization of the structure) elements of the pavilion and eventually lead to the vertical orientation of the upper surface as the branches of a tree.These elements then cast geometrical shadows and creates a playful shade for the pedestrians yet look native to them since the geometry is derived directly from their urban context and ornaments.

Patternitecture [2]

This tool has been developed through analysis of sound form characteristics;An algorithm has been established based on sound wave unconventional presets.All of these experiments are struggling to investigate events on metaphysical basis! For instance; what would happen if sound had appearances! What would happen if the Earth would not rotate and this rotation have not had affected all the natural phenomena. Maybe; the un-rotated sound would not have sounded like it does! Maybe; if sound was the only rotational element and all the other things were stable it would have other characteristics. Maybe what we see is only illusion , which is rooted in our limitations and natural surrounding phenomena. Their reality differs!This is a conceptual kinetic form of music, conversation or any kind of sound in a rotational world, that sound has different characteristics in it.In this process sound is being collected from environmental sensors and analyzed in periods which length 1.5 seconds and converts to motion.This kinetic-responsive Installation contains reels, motors, controllers and processors and struggles to illustrate a choreography of sound frequencies.“This time it appears as if; sound, itself, has gone out of control!”