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“New solutions”MA is happy to announce; our first line of product is pet houses and their prototype files are ready to enter the market! This series has been designed with the aim to develop environmental friendly beauty with recycle-able or recycled materials …Pets are becoming more popular with emerging lifestyles, therefore; solutions should be taken care of regardingly. Rapid prototyping and file sharing is also a possibility of contemporary lifestyle and human development. Considering design to be tectonical , user experience is highly appreciated. This manual is gathered by in terms of a movement to increase human awareness of design and beauty and environmental awareness with means of today technologies and materiality. This platform is inviting every individual and team to be a part of this and add to its values with their own credit and ideas … The aim is to de-bug files and projects with crowd wisdom and user experience as much as possible. This is what has developed other fields of science ; a step by step procedure to idealize cognitive science!