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New solutions for habitable spaces on “Mars” has pushed boundaries:
Designing life capsules with the capability to simulate earth conditions is the main criteria to follow as design principle.
These “Modular Life Pods” are industrially thought to be made in terms of precision and economy. The compacted habitable space which can easily turn to another space with user-friendly arrangements is a pre-casted “Pod” of life with infra-facilities installed separately within each pod. Therefore; each module is self-sufficient to some extent while it can be developed to a colony and form multi-use habitat. These habitable capsules are 19.6m length and 6m height/width with a 2.5m width entrance.
The exterior envelope is a combination of an interactive panelized surface and a semi-layered structure and outer translucent ETFE skin. The interactive skin is not only to provide the environmental light and radiation but also to keep the pods secure in terms of invasion or environmental factors. These panels are pneumatically controlled to do so and a Nano photo-cell system is engaged to keep them even more functional. The multi-chrome color style is the effect caused by opened-closed panels and it is the representative that shows these pods are alive. In addition to the functional layers, there is a structural layer which is 25cm thick and keeps all the pipes and infra-structure beneath.
The interiors are arranged linearly in 2 levels to keep the circulation fluid and organize the spaces in a way to be easily converted to another space and keep the facilities in the lower floor.
There are 13 pods recommended for 5 hosts which also contain water, air, energy supply and food in addition to research equipment’s and a high-tech homey interior. “Made in MA”